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Banana ‘Blue Java’ (Ice Cream)


Pot Size  8”


Looks like banana, tastes like vanilla. Dessert lovers: meet your next obsession. With its cream-like flavor and striking blue color, the Blue Java banana is a conversation starter. This sun-loving variety is cold-hardy, self-pollinating, and ripens to a swoon-worthy mellow yellow.

Note: arrives in a grower’s pot. Fruit may not be in season at time of shipping.

Keep soil moist, but not drenched.
These tropical fruit trees need full sun, indoors or out.
Zones 8-11. Or, if you live in a colder climate, keep them potted and take them inside when temps drop below 50°F so they stay thriving.
Give generous amounts of organic matter, potassium and nitrogen, and dark, fertile soil.
Bananas can grow 10-15 ft. tall and 8-10 ft. wide. Plant can be pruned to your preferred size.
Fruits in summer & fall soon after the first year.

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