Pot Size  6"


Let the variable shapes and multi-colored leaves of the croton symbolize your growth and motivate you to rise. Tropical, bold, and eye-catching, these beauties create a statement and add a pop of color. Give them bright, indirect light, just like the tropics they stem from for ultimate life-giving power. Unique and vibrant enough to be a cool gift for the plant lover in your life, the croton is a Sun Grove standout.

Note: arrives in a grower’s pot.

Crotons like to be kept moist, but not wet.
These heat-loving beauties prefer full sun or bright, indirect light indoors.
In zones 9-11, crotons can be grown outdoors as a unique and colorful landscape plant. Or, keep them as a houseplant (60°F+).
Use a well-draining potting mix.
Indoors, crotons can grow 3-4 ft. tall as a potted plant. When outdoors, they can reach up to 8 ft. tall!

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