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Velvety texture and subtle nutty flavor that packs a punch. A sweet treat and a gorgeous addition to your landscape, the fig tree is relatively low maintenance, thrives in a variety of climates, and can even provide shade and privacy to your outdoor space. Earthy and rich with a divine fragrance that wafts through the scene, try out this yummy addition to your daily snack game and share the bounty with friends and family (if you dare!).

Note: arrives in a grower’s pot. Fruit may not be in season at time of shipping. 

In dry climates, water fig trees deeply at least once a week. Once established, figs are very drought-tolerant.
Fig trees prefer 7-8 hours of full sun during the growing season.
They thrive outdoors in zones 5-10 (depending on variety). Avoid temperatures below 20°F!
Give figs well-drained soil with lots of organic matter.
Figs can grow 10-15 ft. tall and wide. Prune them to your preferred size.
Fruits in summer & fall soon after the first year.
- Chicago Hardy (Zones 5-10)
- Celeste (Zones 6-9)
- Olympian (Zones 6-10)
- White Marseilles (Zones 6-11)
- Brown Turkey, GE Neri, Kadota, Magnolia + Violette de Bordeaux (Zones 7-9)
- Beer’s Black + LSU Purple (Zones 7-10)

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